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100% Certified Raw Organic Jarrah honey. Fewster’s Farm honey is not heat treated and it's not ultra-filtered. It retains all of the goodness that Mother Nature intended.


Jarrah honey has 50% higher microbial activity when compared with other types of medicinal honey, such as Active Manuka, Manuka Honey USA and Medi Honey – all often used to treat diabetes, acne and other diseases*



Jarrah honey has 50% higher antimicrobial activity (TA rating) than Manuka and is also rich in antioxidants*

High Fructose

Maximise Endurance: High levels of slow releasing fructose making Jarrah honey the perfect training supplement

Low Glycaemic Index

Low glycaemic index making it suitable for diabetics and is also known to reduce insulin response and improve blood cholesterol levels*

DIY Treatment & Remedies

The high antibacterial properties make it a great ingredient for DIY skin treatments, sore-throats and to aid healing of cuts and burns*

100% Natural & Organic

Fewster's Farm Jarrah honey is not heated and chemical free to ensure optimum goodness is retained


Jarrah honey’s anti-microbial quality is measured by the term “Total Activity (TA)”. The TA is like a bacteria killing scale; the higher the TA the greater the antimicrobial strength.


Pure Jarrah honey is less likely to crystallise than most other honeys. It has a wonderful caramel like flavour and a beautiful dark golden color.


This is the best type of honey for good health

by Bel Marra Health


Jarrah Honey is the new superfood from Australia you need to know

by Vogue


Move over Manuka! Rare Jarrah honey halts ageing by stimulating collagen production and boasts skin repairing properties

by Daily Mail Online



*Please consult your doctor before using any honey for medicinal purposes. Honey is NOT suitable for children under 1 year

Eucalyptus Marginata and its flowers only blossom once every two years

Fewster’s Farm honey is gathered from ancient Jarrah forests of Western Australia. The hives are placed in a Jarrah forest and the bees work doing what they do best, producing clean, healthy and tasty honey.